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ORGANIC Certificate Nr. : (Avallon) FR-BIO-10
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Euroser Bio (organic)

Certified by BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATIONS FRANCE since 2006, EUROSER BIO has forged strong partnerships with organically grown meat producers (French and European slaughterhouses and cutting plants) and ensures you a security of supply: we monitor the product thanks to strict compliance with traceability data, constant control and monitoring of the BIO certifications of our partners from the departure of the materials to their delivery in the distribution points.

EUROSER BIO also has storage capacities for BIO products in Crailsheim, Germany, in the Land of Baden-Württemberg and is now a recognized brand with a presence throughout Europe.

Our commitment to the BIO sector is clear.

Since the founding of the company EUROSER, we have always been partners in the French production sectors in order to bring the value of meat products to the export market. Our choice in 2006 to accompany the BIO sector, particularly French, has enabled us to export certified meat from organic farming. The demand in these Organic Pork pieces was in its infancy and BIO producers struggled to find a balance in the French market; the demand for organic meat was not as strong as today. We believe that we have contributed to our modest level to the development of the BIO market in France through our Export activity by bringing an outlet in the material balance of French BIO carcasses.

We wish to continue with our historical partners and to support them in the search for this balance through our expertise for more than 20 years in the meat trade in Europe.

Produce better and eat better. These are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat speak to us.

Our Philosophy

Organic agriculture in brief

Responsible breeders invested in a production process and transformation of animals resulting from organic farming, guarantee of food safety and product quality.

Animals naturally raised according to strict organic farming standards, respecting their natural environment.

An animal feed derived from the organic farming chain, of selected quality and adapted to the needs of the animal.

A link between a reasoned production and a respected environment.

A tasty and quality organic meat, to simply eat better.

The volume of BIO meat production is very small compared to conventional meat.

The actors of organic farming are faithful to a philosophy of life and to those who helped them to start up and that is why it is so difficult for an industrialist nowadays to launch into the BIO adventure and into the creation and launch of a product range from organic farming. Volumes are often already contractually dedicated to the mass-market retailing or to historical industry actors, pioneers in the valorization process of organic farming.

Our team is listening every day to the actors of organic production in order to support and advise them in their scheduling, and it is thanks to this approach that EUROSER BIO is able to support Industrialists, or catering specialist wholesalers wishing to develop an organic range.

Organic Sourcing